Latinem Facilities Management LLC is a part of Sobha group providing international standards in facility management to Sobha customers as part of a backward integration approach of design, build and maintenance.

Sobha builds smart homes for its customers with high international quality standards, incorporating exceedingly high-quality smart-home automation systems. Latinem Facilities Management is set up to support and add on to this culture, to enhance the customer’s overall experience.

Latinem Facilities Management vision is to move away from traditional facilities management systems to one that is more of a technology driven and smart-integrated facilities management service partner, with a culture that is focused on innovation in the field of facilities management.

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Education & Development initiative of the year

Immersive Training & Troubleshooting Experience

At Latinem Facilities Management, we promote a collaborative approach of working with specialist services. In doing so, we coordinate with TeamViewer in implementing an enterprise augmented reality platform, designed to boost efficiency and simplify the processes for frontline workers in deskless environments.

Frontline workplace runs on mobile and wearable devices including smart glasses, tablets, and smart watches. With various customizable modules that are highly optimized for wearables, Frontline Workplace supports manual tasks by displaying relevant information when needed right in the field of view of their smart platforms. This enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, hands free.

These initiatives drive the culture of the Latinem Facilities Management vision to be a smart technology driven service partner, enabling them to differentiate themselves in the market with technology-based solutions for customers, rather than the traditional manpower approach.

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Immersive Training Experience

Immersive Troubleshooting